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Unfortunately you can’t apply for a credit card with a co-signer. Credit card offers, interest rates, terms and conditions – everything is based on the individual credit history. If you are not able to get a desirable unsecured credit card without a co-signer, you should apply for a credit card which corresponds to your credit score.

It is important to apply for a card according to your credit history otherwise, in case of rejection, it may affect your not-good-credit as it is. There are lots of credit cards that may be good for you even if your credit is not perfect. Today credit card issuers offer multiple products for people with fair credit history which also have zero intro APRs, no annual fees, and reward programs.

On the other part, there is such thing as a joint credit card. It is a credit card account that is opened in the name of two people and both people are responsible for the charges on the credit card. It doesn’t matter who makes purchases, the responsibility is shared between two persons.

When you apply for a joint account a credit issuer considers the credit history of each person. And when using such account both people build or improve the credit histories.

It should be noted that not all credit card issuers offer joint account credit cards. If you want to know if the issuer offers joint account credit cards, contact him directly.