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First, it is important to note that AccessOne is not a credit card, the company offers monthly payment plans to patients who received services from one of their participating providers. You can only use the AccessOne plan if your provider is a part of their network. This means that every time you need to get medical services, you will have to check if a certain hospital, doctor, or provider are within the network. And the same applies to services covered by the plan. You need to find out whether medical procedures you need are eligible for coverage.

To make the payment process more straightforward and flexible, we suggest you consider regular credit cards that offer 0% intro APR on purchases, including medical bills. Especially considering that you need a long-term treatment. Credit cards that offer a promotional period of up to 21 months can be a decent option that does not require additional research before the procedure. Additionally, if you put medical bills on a regular rewards credit card, you may get miles, cash back, or other perks as a pleasant bonus.