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When you are looking for a credit card for the first time, you are no different from many other Americans contemplating the same step. It is important to however tread with caution and make choices carefully in order to avoid situations that may prove costly to you. Being a salaried employee you can definitely approach a bank you have your account with for your credit card needs. They will be able to advise you on the available cards and also what you are eligible for. The process of getting a credit card for the first time may not be very simple as a lot of documentations and verification is required but if you have a working relationship for many years with a bank and a steady salaried account you can make your move more easily.

As to the question of which card is beneficial that will depend on individual needs. There is no single card that is beneficial above all others to all people. If that were the case, then most people would opt for a single card and there would not be so much competition in the industry. You need to look at what needs you wish to use the credit card for. If it's for travel, booking tickets and hotels, you could look for a card with benefits on these. There are also cards for discounts at certain stores and if you have bulk orders this one may work best. If gas and gas miles being earned are your concern, you can look for that kind of a card. As there are different cards with different kinds of offers, you will need to do ample research to see what you can use most and what you can earn most with.

As a beginner, since you do not have much of a credit score to be evaluated with you may need to opt for a secured credit card which will be reported to the bureaus to help establish a credit score. If you are however drawing a good salary and have a good standing with the bank, you can discuss your options in terms of a card with a basic annual fee and a lowered interest rate. Negotiate on what you can get and you cannot and take care not to enquire or apply for too many cards as it can reflect badly on your credit report.