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People often hear the word credit card debt and panic. Most people are reluctant to think of having a credit card when they wonder if they can meet with the payments such as the annual fees, the interest on it, the APR rates and so on. With so many terms attached to it, you wonder if credit will be a burden and you find yourself paying more than you spent in the first place. Credit cards are a handy acquisition and can be quite a good deal if you can find the right card and a good bank. {{12345}}

There are numerous credit cards available in the market which has no annual fees associated to it. There are also many banks which will offer cards with a low APR. If you have a regular savings account and you have a good history of having paid your loans well, then you may be able to negotiate a credit card with no annual fees, no interest charges, provided you pay it up within the time stipulated. There are even free balance transfers with some people which allow people to transfer their outstanding amount to a card with lower interest rates.

If you pick up or get eligible for a low APR credit card offers, you can easily work out your outstanding balances. You can pay some of the money off on the amount you purchased for and put the rest into a savings. That ways you will be working off your debts and be using your card for purchases and building a good credit history as you work your way through it.

The credit card market is highly competitive so many banks will be vying for customers and promising low APR based on your credit scores. If you pick a card seeing a very attractive APR be sure that you know that the interest rate remains low throughout and is not just a promotional offer. There will also be varying interest rates for the purchases made by people and the balance transfers done to the card as well.

Stick to a card which has a fixed interest rate as opposed to one that has a varying interest rate. Make sure you stick to your credit limit when you do your purchases and buy things you can afford rather than having to be in the line of fire later. {{123456789}} A fixed interest rate is more stable and easier to manage, especially if you are starting off.