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The BrandsMart U.S.A. Credit Card is issued by Synchrony Bank and comes with a 29.99%9 interest rate on purchases. However, you can get a special financing on select purchases. The special financing offers vary from 6 months to 5 years. Also, most special financing offers are available in-stores only, so you will need to be very attentive when shop online. Another thing to remember is that you should pay off in full before the no interest period ends, otherwise you will be charged interest from the purchase date. If you need to make a big purchase, we would recommend you to consider a regular credit card. Such cards, unlike store credit cards, come with lower interest rates and with 0% intro APRs as well. And if you are unable to pay off the card balance by the end of the 0% introductory period, the interest will apply to the remaining and new balances.