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Having a credit card from the store you often shop at can be tempting but do not let special financing offers veil your eyes. Carefully look at the interest rates and fees. The interest rate on the Value City Furniture credit card is 29.99%. And if you are late with at list one payment this interest rate will replace your financial offer and the interest will apply back to the day of your purchase. Plus you will have to pay a penalty fee, which is pretty standard though - $35 dollars. There is no rewards program in addition to special financing offer. But if you look at credit card offers from major bank, you can find a card with 0% intro APR offer and with rewards program, both on one card. Also, these cards are usually accepted everywhere and not only at a particular retailer, like it is with the Value City Furniture card. Even if you shop a lot at Value City Furniture it doesn’t mean their credit card will be good for you.