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When people travel, they need funds to survive. For people who are used to credit, the initial move would be to bring their credit cards because bringing cash only would be risky. But, if the place they will be traveling to is not used to credit, then bringing your premium credit card can only be used for air fare, and maybe accommodation. Other than that, you will find it hard to look for places that would honor your prized plastic card.

What are the benefits when I carry credit cards rather than cash in a trip?

The advantage is it would be less risky for you since bringing cash can attract thieves especially when you are out of the country. Plus, you it will save you the trouble of exchanging your cash with their currency. But, it would really depend on what country or location you are going to. Determine if you can make the best out of your trip with a credit card or with cash. Like say for example, when going to their tourist destination, find out if your credit card can take care of the expense or cash is needed.

What are the advantages when I carry cash over credit cards in a trip?

Cash you can convert to their currency while credit cards will make it difficult for you to enjoy the trip since you have to look for establishments that honor your card. Also, it would be rare to find other people who will not accept cash. You can always use cash everywhere unlike credit cards which has limit destinations.

Should I rely on credit cards while I am away?

For you to be on the safe side, you should bring both cash and credit. If you are worried about bringing too much cash, you can just bring some and then bring your ATM card. This will enable you to travel light. If you need cash, you can always run to an ATM and withdraw money. Just make sure that your ATM card can be used anywhere.

I travel internationally. What is the best credit card for me?

The best credit card to use is an international credit card. The two major credit card companies, Visa and MasterCard is also honored abroad so you might want to secure credit cards with them if you are going to travel. The best way to know what credit card you can use would be to contact your travel agent and ask what credit card you can use in the country you are going to. It would be best to be prepared before going there rather than finding out that your card is useless when you get there.