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Money is the lifeline of business everywhere; money governs how we spend, how much for what and more. It decides our lifestyle, social status, even our identity in society sometimes. A big part of this spending power is also in credit cards.

Many people look to have platinum or gold cards, which have special offers, exclusive fees and huge credit limits. Of course these special high end cards will only be offered to the top rung of customers, the crииme de la crииme who can afford it and have excellent credit scores. Did you know that Visa offers exclusive cards for their high end customers where there is a high annual fee and higher interest rates for whopping credit limits? It is offered only to a select few and like is aid earlier and indication of belonging to the top rung of society. credit cards today have thus become a symbol of who we are economically.

When using credit cards, not everyone has the high credit scores to be eligible for expensive cards, most of the American population belongs to the fair credit group where it is neither excellent scores not very low ones.

In any case, nearly all of us will receive marketing emails from various creditors saying we have been pre-approved for certain cards, which may seem exciting to some people. We may wonder that we have been specially chosen without even applying for a card. When it says pre-approved chances are the information came from a form you filled out when you were leaving from a shopping mall. Often these cards when you make a transaction also pass on information to third party merchants through a process called data pass. It is probably why you are flooded with these mails.

There are of course often many people who find that they have been billed for amounts they do not remember shopping for, in most case sit will turn out that they signed up for some 'free' offer with a fee attached. It is important to be careful what you sign on and what you join when you go shopping, data pass has resulted in millions of dollars being billed from thousands of customers each year. Visa has changed its rules to ensure this does not happen with its customers. Data pass to third party merchants is not allowed without confirmation and approval of the customer first on any payments necessary.