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It is a common sight today to see a person whip out a purse and a string of cards when at a counter. With so many credit cards in the market it is small wonder that people often have multiple cards. You may even have heard your friend talk about the free holiday she won from her credit card. Well credit card rewards have been around for long and they are pretty much a marketing gimmick. There are often credit cards with rewards available but to avail of them you really have to spend and earn maximum points. The better the reward on a card, the more the fees is the case many a time.

If you wish to opt for a rewards credit card then make sure you go for one, where you will actually find the reward useful and will use the card often. For example there are many travel credit cards with airline or from a bank where each time you fly you earn air miles and also win a free ticket or a stay when you activate the card. When you opt for such reward cards take care to check that there are no hidden fees that will make the cost of the reward well above what it is worth.

If you are a businessman who has to frequently fly around for various meetings or purchases you will find a travel reward card to be a very handy one. Most people do not realize that reward cards are designed to make you spend. A lot of companies even send messages and emails as customers get closer to a reward and it makes them spend more and faster to achieve the reward at the end. What people fail to think through is the fact that they spent twice or thrice what the reward is worth in terms of shopping and interest rates on the card in order to win it "free".

If you are going for a department store card or a shopping card make sure you will use it well. Especially when it comes to credit cards there are many conditions to get a discount. You will have to shop at the select stores that are participating in the rewards program in order to be eligible for it. If you have a favorite store that has a tie up with your bank then the rewards card will be very meaningful to you!