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The Accepted Platinum Card is a line of credit that can be used exclusively at MyUnique Outlet Shopping Club website ( My Unique Outlet is the online shopping portal for Unique Card Services that offers a wide variety of brand name merchandise.

With the Accepted Platinum Card you won't be denied even with a bad credit history and what's more, you get benefits like $1,000 credit line, 24/7 Roadside Assistance, Legal Assistance, and low monthly payments. There are no credit checks, income requirements, or employment requirements to obtain a membership. There are also no restrictions applicable to those with past bankruptcy history. The initial requirement is having a valid debit card or credit card. Your access to the credit line and the services will be granted upon confirmation of your identity and receipt of your initial payment of the monthly membership fee.

As an Accepted Platinum Cardholder, you have purchasing power from the convenience of your home. You can place an order by Internet, telephone or mail. You may submit payment for the shipping and processing by electronic check draft, credit card, check or money order. The remaining balance will be placed on your Unique Card Services Shopping Card Account.

After receiving an instant approval, you will need to register as a "First Time User" in the Unique Card Services Shopping Club Program by entering your username and password to log into the site. Once you sign up, you may make immediate use of the MyUnique Outlet Shopping Club ( and the Services.

Kindly note that the Accepted Platinum Card is not a Visa or Mastercard, or other credit/debit card, so your account will not work at any other website or other locations. This card does not report your activity to the major credit bureaus and does not provide assistance in repairing a customer's credit history.

If you are looking for a credit card that will help you improve your credit score, it's better to consider a regular credit card that is most likely to be accepted by any merchant wherever you are in the world. The Merrick Bank Double Your Line® Mastercard®, for example, is a full-fledged Mastercard credit card, meaning that it is accepted online and at tens of millions of locations around the world. A great feature of this card is that your initial limit of $550 to $1,350, based on creditworthiness, can be automatically doubled after seven months of on-time payments. The card offers a pre-qualification option before you submit your final application. You can see if you pre-qualify for the card without impacting your credit score. Since the card reports to the three major credit bureaus, it can help build a positive credit history as long as your accounts are in good standing, meaning that you're making timely payments and maintaining healthy credit card balances.