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Credit scores are important for every transaction in the financial world. Having a good credit report right from the beginning is very advantageous. To build on a credit score, the first thing necessary is a credit card. With so many competing companies offering multitudes of credit cards, it is difficult to choose the right credit card that fits the bill. Comparing the offers against the requirements can be a good starting point.

Best credit cards for students are the ones with the least interest rates. Interest rates add a considerable amount to the total amount outstanding, if a payment were to be missed or delayed. High interest cards lead to the bad credit zone in most of the cases. Sorting out the cards based on the interest rates can give the best cards to choose from.

Reward scheme is another deciding factor in choosing the card. There are many reward schemes to choose from, depending on the use of the card and requirement. There are cash back cards, which give some cash back with every purchase, point systems, where points can be redeemed for cash or merchandize, air miles, gas cards and many more such schemes. Identifying the primary purpose of the credit card and choosing a reward scheme suitable accordingly can give the best credit card deal.

Annual fees or any other hidden processing fee for a credit card should be cautiously considered. Even if there is no fee initially, the credit card company may charge some annual fee later on. Going through the conditions and clauses before signing u is necessary to understand the offer.

Managing credit card is not too difficult with some careful planning. Student credit cards can be used for planned purchases like text books, monthly groceries and so on. Spending only what can be paid off will ensure that the credit card bills are paid in time. Spending cash for very small expenses and daily requirements will help keep a tab on the expenditure and also reduce the bill amount considerably.

Reward schemes can be used at the end of every month if the conditions are met. This will give some cash back, or can reduce the bill amount, or even get discounts in participating stores. Understanding of reward schemes is essential to put them to full use, and make some benefit out of the credit card.