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We all enjoy the safety of shopping without carrying cash. Just by carrying a credit card you can reduce the weight of your wallet. Moreover you don’t have to worry about counting and recounting the right amount of cash you hand out to the storeowner. It is as simple as the fact that we can’t do without credit cards. You definitely can do a lot better with credit cards that match your needs and offers good rates.

The best credit card will provide discounts, rewards on various commercial deals ranging from travel, utilities, merchandise, mortgage, automobile insurance and more.

A free for lifetime credit card that charges no annual fees for the entire period you have it, nor does it charge a monthly fee.

The company discloses the annual percentage rate or APR on the card. The credit card terms also disclose the periodic rate of interest. If you have signed up for variable rate credit card, your card issuer discloses how the variable rate of interest is calculated and the additional amount added to determine the rate of interest. They have disclosed that a variable rate of interest is charged on the card.

There is a grace period to pay your bills on time without paying any interest. If the free period is disclosed at the time of issuing the card, you can save yourself from paying extra interest on late payments.

It charges zero or low introductory interest rates and zero percent on APR on balance transfer for first year.

The best credit card charges low interest so that you pay your entire bill on time instead of carrying over balances to the next month and paying more late fees. A card that charges low interest will be more economical, as you would also be able to transfer balance, from other credit cards that charge a higher interest.

If you have a good credit score with your credit card account, it is likely that the card issuers value your membership more than others who are irregular in making their payments. Inquire of your bank to renegotiate the rate of interest as you have a good credit history that makes you eligible for a better rate of interest. There is no harm in asking for it.