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Visa cards are globally recognized payment technologies that involve plastic cards with the Visa logo for cashless transactions. These cards are accepted worldwide, and are easy to travel with it. Online transactions are also made easy with the Visa cards.

The Visa card was originally launched in the year 1958 by Bank of America, as its Bank of America`s credit card program. The name "Visa" got incorporated in the year 1976, and has since been very popular.

Advantages of using Visa cards

1. Valid in almost every part of the world. With global recognition Visa cards are almost accepted everywhere.

2. Easy to carry. Unlike cash, they are easy to carry.

3. Easy to access. The ATMs of all banks accept Visa cards.

4. 24*7 customer service. Customer service is available all year around.

5. It facilitates cashless transactions.

6. It is secured. Personal information remains secured. In case of theft, it is hard to use the Visa card and make cash advances.

Steps for checking the balance in the visa card

It is always advisable to remain within the limits of one`s budget when using a credit card. This holds true for both pre paid and post paid Visa cards. When using these cards one must remember that they attract huge amounts of fees when payments are late. This might accumulate to huge sums and become an unnecessary headache for the card holder. It is, therefore, prudent for the card holder to check the Visa card statements frequently to know his/her transactions. Sometimes discrepancies with the transactions can also be discovered, so to prevent this, check statements regularly.

The steps to be followed to check the balance of the Visa card are as follows:

1. Get a hold of the customer service number for the Visa card company.

2. Dial and connecting to the toll free customer service number, one will get an automated answering machine giving directions on how to get answers to one`s questions.

3. Check the statement for any issues in the transaction report.

The same process should be followed when availing an e-statement online. The Visa company`s website also offers additional information as well as a secure area, where one can log into and manage their account.

Benefits of checking Visa card balance

1. The card holder gets to access his account.

2. Details of charges levied are explained.

3. Manage expenses.

4. Able to track payments.

5. Any form of fraud or discrepancy gets detected.