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There are a lot of shops opening online. It is easier to access and there are a lot of things that you can choose from. You can also buy things from other countries and have them delivered in your place. Instead of going downtown and shopping, you can just go in front of your computer and shop there. There are a variety of goods and services you can take advantage of online but most of them require payment through credit card. This means that you will be disclosing information online.

Are there risks when I use my credit card online?

Yes there are. With the advancement of technology, thieves have now found a way on how to get your personal information online. They can get basic demographic information such as you full name, your address, your date of birth and even your social security number. The risk of them having this information is that it can result to identity theft and fraud. They can also get information about your credit card and use them for their own expenses without you knowing it so you have to be careful when using your card online.

The site says it's secure. Shall I go for it?

All sites says that they are secure but you have to be very mindful about your transactions because some known secured banks have their own issues of identity theft and fraud done over the internet that they are having difficulty in solving. Yes there are soft wares that have been developed to block anonymous people from getting information but robbers are getting smarter. They have been developing also viruses that make our security soft wares useless. So, to be sure, call the owners of the website and make sure that they are legitimate. Ask for a business permit and call necessary government offices to make sure they are trustworthy.

There are things that I can buy in the internet that I can't seem to find in retail stores. How can I keep my credit card safe?

It is very enjoying shopping online because most of the time, you can find unique items that are not sold in your local department store and we get attracted by that fact. If you really want to purchase something online, make sure that the site is a legitimate site and they have the necessary permits for it as a business. Also, you can not avoid giving out your credit card information online so make sure you monitor your credit card account for fraudulent activities.