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More and more people are facing budget constraints these days and things are getting more and more difficult especially during the festive and holiday seasons. There are more expenses and fewer options. Card companies are always looking for better and much more innovative and people-friendly initiatives to attract customers. Visa Inc has issued its Visa Gift Cards which seems to be getting good reviews according to the survey conducted and commissioned by them. As per the survey, at least 78% of the respondents from the survey already have a holiday budget in place even before they venture out to shop. At least 42% normally start off with a specific budget in mind for each person on their shopping list and at least 36% start off with a more specific budget overall and make their plans accordingly.

In such cases, where consumers have fixed budgeting plans, prepaid gift cards come as a benefit and is one way to keep a check on one's spending. A Visa Gift Card is seen as one way of staying within the holiday budget and keeping spending under control. These prepaid gift cards are ideal because they are not only budget friendly but also much preferred over the other non-essential holiday gifts which may not be best suited for everyone.

Visa Gift Cards will help a particular financial plan and would give friends as well as family a gift that would be well received. Most consumers would prefer to have a branded gift card such as the Visa Gift Card, which could be used to buy something of their choice rather than get something which might be of no use to them. These cards enable consumers to buy what they want according to their needs. This is preferred to the non-essential holiday gifts such as scarves or cologne.

The survey was done and the data collected revealed the common perception among people with regard to the gift-giving habit. People, who give these prepaid gift cards, also enjoy one-stop shopping as well as the freedom to give away tailor-made amounts which suit their individual needs. This is a two-way process as these Visa Gift Cards also offer similar flexibility for the recipients who can use it to fulfill some longstanding need or a luxury they would have wished for.

These are convenient and user-friendly options for those that desire to give a gift, as well as to stay within their holiday budgets.