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The Visa card provides networking facilities to companies and banks that provide both credit and debit cards to customers. The Visa Card was first conceived by a group of banks in America. The visa card was the first Bank of America card that redefined the use of hard cash. The concept of the visa card was to provide customers of these various banks with the facility of using a card in lieu of money. The card started a revolution in the use of money in the United States. Today the visa card is one of the most easily recognizable signs in the world.

Like MasterCard, the Visa card also provides connectivity to locally proffered credit and debit cards. The Visa card currently has establishments in over two hundred countries around the world. What started in America, not only became a global phenomenon but also introduced the world to the advances that America was making in this newly founded finance revolution. Most people who discuss the history of the Visa Card will mention that the card provided the much needed impetus make a local movement global. While, credit cards, as a concept had already been in existence, no one was prepared for the unexpected success it gathered around the world.

The Visa Card is similar in function to the MasterCard. Both cards are primarily involved in networking local credit and debit cards. Though the Parent company has working shares in each of the companies that utilize its services, the Visa Card does not impose regulations for services provided by these companies. However, the Visa Company does impose security regulations to ensure uniform, quality services to its patrons. In addition, banks that utilize visa services are directly responsible that their customers do not misuse the cards in any way. These banks therefore impose their own security and background checks on those who apply for the card facility.

Over the years, the tangential goals of the company have morphed to fit in the changing needs of the global economy. Credit card companies were one of the worst hit sectors during the recent recession. Credit card companies have therefore resorted to offers and benefits to buy back their customers. Even a company like Visa, has changed its immediate goals. The Visa Company transfers business related information through its own brand of communication - the VisaNet. The Company`s other modes of transfer is the Visa money transfer which transfers money between individuals.