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Credit card fraud is something every cardholder needs to look into. They should be careful in handling their accounts. Paying them on time should not be the only concern of cardholders but also monitoring their accounts for unauthorized transactions. When consumers are frequent credit card users, they fail to notice that there has been an unauthorized transaction on their statement because of the numerous items listed there. So, if you see an unfamiliar transaction in your statement, alert the company as soon as possible so they can investigate.

How can these robbers make transactions anyway? I have my card with me.

Well, even though your card is with you, there are various ways on how they can get information about you and your card. As long as they have your important personal information such as social security number and date of birth, they can actually retrieve financial details just by using these. They can make card less transactions and even make a counterfeit card.

Am I more at risk since I do most of my credit card transactions online?

Unfortunately, yes you are. If you are not careful about on what sites you enter your credit card number and also your personal information, robbers will be able to hack into the internet and use it for their advantage. Reports have been made on theft made online. They are difficult to track down since they have developed viruses that can block trackers. So, if it is not necessary to do an online transaction, just do a manual transaction instead. Also, take track of the sites where you logged in your information and what time. This can help when something comes up.

I do not do online billing. So how can robbers retrieve information?

They can get information by literally stealing wallets, purses or any document that may contain personal information. This also includes receipts that include credit card numbers and the name of the cardholder. Even a carbon copy of the receipt will suffice. This can also happen if your mail was sent to another address because you failed to inform the rightful parties your new address. So be very careful in taking out trash and secure your belongings.

I have an email from my bank saying that I have to update some information. Should I be skeptical?

Yes, you should. There have been reports that emails that were unauthorized by companies are sent out and that when you respond with the asked information, it does not reach their database but rather quite lost. So, be careful and just call them to check whether they need updating of information.