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Nowadays in the era of the almighty internet connection the easiest way to get an airline credit card is online. A lot of sites have an online selection of airline cards of every sort. More than that, each airline has its own site where you can apply for a co-branded card of that airline. This is indeed convenient for those who fly mostly with this particular airline. For example, if you fly Delta exclusively, then it may be an option to go to the Delta website and choose one of their cards.

However, if you are not 100% sure about which airline card to get, it'd better to browse through the list of options on a website that has all of the offers in one place. That will help you compare perks and bonuses of each card as well as fees and APRs - mind that co-branded airline cards often have high fees for their services. On you can find a large selection of travel and airline cards that you can apply for. Here are airline cards like the American Airlines AAdvantage MileUp Card (Citi is a advertising partner) or the JetBlue Plus Card.

So, look throught the offers and choose one that fits your spending habits. Getting a credit card has never been easier!