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Depending on whether you are a member of the Alaska's Mileage Plan loyalty program, has Alaska Air credit card or has a travel rewards credit card, you will need to follow different steps.

Mileage Plan member

As a member, you can book an award travel with Alaska and with its partners. To book an award travel with Alaska, you should log in to your Mileage Plan account and book the award. The award ticket costs vary depending on the distance, class (main cabin or first class), and the type of the award (non-refundable or refundable). A one-way non-refundable main cabin award ticket will cost up to 20k miles, if it is refundable you will need to pay 30k miles.

Alaska allows combining miles and money to get up to 50% discount on most coach and first class fares. The maximum discount is $100 off the base fare for 10,000 miles, or $200 off the base fare for 20,000 miles.

Alaska Airlines credit card cardholder

Mileage Plan members who also have an Alaska credit card will earn miles towards the Mileage Plan account when they use Alaska Airlines credit card. Alaska Airlines credit card miles will post to your Mileage Plan account monthly in 7-10 days after billing cycle. Once the miles are posted, you simply redeem them as the Mileage Plan member via your account.

Mileage Plan miles won't expire on your active account. But if a Mileage Plan account is inactive for 2 years, Alaska Airlines may close the account and delete any mileage balance.

Travel rewards credit card cardholder

The example of the travel rewards credit card can be the Discover it® Miles. This card is not tied to any airline, so if you are not a Mileage Plan member, you can still redeem earned miles for an Alaska Airlines ticket. To do that, you should use the Discover it® Miles card, for example, to buy the Alaska Airlines ticket. Then you should log in to your Discover card account, find this transaction and apply your Discover miles to this purchase. The redemption ratio is 100 miles = $1. If you do not have enough miles, that is not a problem, you can redeem only a part of the purchase. All in all, you will have about six months to redeem the purchase. So, you can log in later and redeem the rest.

When you redeem Alaska miles, which you've earned as the Mileage Plan member or with the Alaska credit card, you should remember that miles are redeemable for award travels with Alaska and its partners only. When you have a travel rewards card, you can redeem earned miles with any airline, including with Alaska Airlines.