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Mastercard credit cards are accepted in more than 210 countries and territories worldwide. So, basically, you can use a Mastercard credit card everywhere in the U.S. and around the world wherever you see a Mastercard logo. Mastercard has a family of payment brands - Mastercard, Maestro, and Cirrus. All these brands are widely recognized in the world.

Most major merchants accept Mastercard. If you travel abroad, there should not be any issues with acceptance as well. Just make sure the Mastercard card you are applying for comes with a chip that guarantees acceptance in Europe. Also, you may want to save on purchases abroad by getting a Mastercard credit card with no foreign transaction fees.

Whatever Mastercard credit card you choose, there still may be situations when you cannot use your Mastercard card because it is not accepted. Such situations may happen once in a blue moon and therefore it is recommended to have a Visa card or a card of any other payment network as well, just in case. Mastercard and Visa are two widely accepted payment networks, so you should be covered by having just these two types of cards.