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You can choose between Discover credit cards. Discover cards are famous for cash back rewards. You will earn cash back on all your purchases, including gas purchases. If you have experience in managing different rewards programs and have a habit of planning your purchases far in advance, you may like the Discover's 5% cash back in rotating categories. Not all Discover cards offer 5% cash back, so we recommend you compare the cards before you apply. The 5% cash back is given in rotating categories that change each quarter, and you will need to enroll every time a category changes to be able to earn the reward. If you don't do it, you will earn only 1% cash back on all purchases. Also, note that there is a cap on how much you can earn in rotating categories. You will earn 5% cash back on $1,500 in purchases, then you will continue earning 1% cash back. Discover credit cards do not charge annual fees and foreign transaction fees.