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Getting your first credit card can be very exciting. You may have had quite a while waiting to get your hands on it and to finally be approved can be exciting. When you have been working hard to get yourself to be eligible for your first credit card, actually holding it and using it would be very exciting. What you should keep in mind is that you should probably start slow. Go for a card that has a low APR and also no annual fee. That way you can be sure you are on the safer side without much risks.

You might just wonder what you need to do to get a card with a low APR. Firstly you need to check out what cards are available and what you are eligible for as well. Make sure you know all your options before applying. If you could have gotten a more reasonable deal then you would not want to regret what you have. It is also not very wise to be seen as applying for a lot of cards and then being denied. It all goes on to your credit report. Make sure you apply to mostly a selected few cards which you know you will not be denied. You can even discuss the options beforehand with a bank.

Every person would have some kind of an account or another with a bank. If you have not bothered, then its time you do. When you have a regular account that you maintain with a bank, it is easier for them to offer you options. You can discuss with your relationship manager about what credit cards may be available for you and since they know your employment and financial history they will be more willing to consider giving you a low APR card.

If at all you have made a mistake and have a high interest card, you can consider doing a balance transfer onto a card that has a low APR. That way you can get a card that is easy to use and more suited to your budgets. Also make sure you know for how long the interest rate will stay low and also what rates will be applicable after the promotional period is over. When you know all the information you need to, you will be able to make better choices and also to select the right cards for your use.