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There are different kinds of credit cards that favor different types of people. If they are businessmen, the best credit card to use would be a business credit card. If they are a student, we have student credit cards. But for people who travel, there are credit cards that come with perks whenever they go out and about. They can inquire about it with their credit card provider.

Are there benefits if I use my credit card when I travel?

Yes there are benefits. It would depend what type of credit card you use for travel though. If you have your regular credit card, it may not have the rewards connected to air travel. If you are a type of person who travels a lot by air, it would be beneficial if you secure a frequent flier credit card. Whenever you ride a plane, just by buying tickets will earn you point and "miles" credit. These points you can use as discounts if you buy another plane ticket and the miles credit which will eventually give you free tickets to go somewhere.

I travel a lot but I only use land transportation. Will I still have credit card benefits?

If that is the case, then a frequent flier credit card is not for you. If you have your gasoline credit card, this can earn you rebates. Whenever you stop to fill up gas and use your gasoline credit card, depending on the standards of your credit card provider regarding the amount that can give you a reward, it can actually give you a rebate. You can find 1% rebate and even 5% more if you do maintenance. It may not be much but it is something.

How many credit cards should I carry?

To protect yourself, carry the ones that you need. Maybe one or two should suffice the trip. Carrying too many credit cards will put you at risk especially when mishaps happen and you get them stolen in a different state or country. Plus, it would be easier for you to monitor your expenses when you get back. Instead of looking at 3 or 4 statements to check your transactions during your trip, you can just have one or two to avoid confusion.

Are there benefits in hotel and restaurants, too?

Yes, there are. Credit cards have affiliations with hotels and restaurants. And whenever you use them in these selected establishments, you can have discounts and even freebies.