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News: American Airlines To Enhance Inflight Wi-Fi Experience -

American Airlines will soon allow AAdvantage® members to use miles to pay for Wi-Fi on board. This new redemption option will first become available on domestic flights for aircraft equipped with Viasat connectivity.

The rollout of the new ability to redeem miles will be gradual. American will first start adding this new benefit to a couple select aircraft at the end of March and then, by the summer travel season, they plan to add it to all Viasat-equipped narrowbody aircraft.

To make Wi-Fi more accessible, American will offer the ability to unlock Wi-Fi in exchange for miles. It's not yet clear how American plans to price its Wi-Fi packages in miles, though. Current American Airlines Wi-Fi subscription plans cost $45.95 per device per month and $59.95 for two devices per month. Annual plans cost $599 and $699 correspondingly.

American also promises to improve all Wi-Fi connectivity to allow travelers to stay connected from the minute they find their seat to when they're departing. Also, American will extend their free Wi-Fi option across all Viasat domestic narrow-body fleet. The free Wi-Fi package will be ad-sponsored meaning you will have to watch ads to enjoy Wi-Fi. Just note that you get only one free Wi-Fi package per device per flight.

Additionally, this summer American and Intelsat will begin installation of high-speed Wi-Fi on nearly 500 dual-class regional aircraft. Thus, even more customers have a consistent and connected inflight experience.