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News: Apple Wants To End Its Credit Card Partnership With Goldman Sachs -

Apple expressed their interest in ending their consumer banking partnership with Goldman Sachs within the next year or so. If the bank decides to give its okay, this may possibly affect two consumer banking products offered in collaboration with Apple: Apple Card and Apple Savings.

Apple first launched the Apple Card in 2019 as a cash back card for the brand's enthusiasts. The card has no annual fee and earns elevated cash back on Apple and Apple Pay purchases. Then Apple introduced Apple Savings that allows to earn interest on your Daily Cash and any additional deposits.

It's not clear what will happen to credit and savings accounts if Apple and Goldman Sachs end their relationship. Goldman Sachs is handling the banking back end for the products, which means Apple would need a new financial partner.

Currently, Apple Card and Apple Savings continue to offer the same terms and benefits and are available for application.

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