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If you do not believe that a credit card company can really be kind and friendly to its customers, just turn to JPMorgan Chase & Co., a global financial services company specializing in consumer lending, credit cards in particular.

In case you once applied for a credit card, you must know how complicated and vague a fine print usually is. A customer lacking financial education either doesn't understand a point or gets mislead. The same can be said about the overall communication between a company and a customer throughout the whole period of their relationship.

Chase is breaking the rules for the sake of improving financial literacy among its customers and teaching them smart credit card account management. Have you ever heard about Chase Clear & Simple Plan designed and introduced to educate cardholders on wiser credit card use?

No doubt, this new service is a bright example of a determined step towards a much more consumer-oriented business the efficiency of which cannot be compared to other companies so far.

What does the Plan give to the Chase bank customers? If you are one of the lucky Chase credit cardholders, you can enjoy the program helping you to better understand and manage your credit card account, protecting you from unwanted credit card fees and increased rates and improving the whole communication process.

Now, remember, what criteria did you rely on when selecting a credit card application? Most probably it was the terms and conditions of the deal. Today, however, it would be wiser to consider the transparency of the fine print, and that is what Chase can provide you with.

The ten-point program from Chase is a very convenient tool with simple explanation of terms and rules of credit card use and thus is appreciated by cardholders.

So, what are the ten points included into Clear & Simple Plan and designed to help customers pay always on time, avoid fees and keep their credit score good?

  • Online statements, auto-pay and free credit card fraud alerts- all to help you manage your account more easily and smartly. You get $10 credit as an incentive to sign up for the tools.
  • The ability of Chase cardholders to choose a payment due day most convenient for them.
  • Managing credit card account has become especially easy for the military. Chase is being very loyal to people serving their country and so is offering significant benefits like lower APRs on all balances and the abolition of over-the-limit or late payment fees.
  • College students and other beginning credit cardholders are taught to use credit responsibly through special Chase programs keeping them informed about their current account condition. Should they be likely to run late, the program alerts them on that.
  • The ability to easily make any financial planning with the help of the convenient payment calculator tool available on Chase web site.
  • The program protects Chase customers from exceeding the credit card limit with the help of special control of spending.
  • Chase is concerned with its customers' trouble-free credit card use and so it takes care to make phone calls and send letters to customers with signs of financial instability. That is not all. To ensure the on-time and at least minimum credit card payment, Chase proactively offers a solution to the right payment strategy.

Chase bank representatives believe that the more customers know about the wise credit card use and the more easily they manage their account - the more readily they apply for credit cards. Knowledge gives power and confidence. Together with responsibility, knowledge brings big benefits both to the bank and its customers. The 10-point Clear & Simple Plan provides for that.