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That’s a frustrating situation, but we are not actually a credit card company, so we aren’t the people who approve applications or send out credit cards. When you apply for a card using a link on our site, you are automatically directed to the issuing bank’s website, which securely processes your application and handles your request from that point on.

At, we strive to answer all your questions about different credit cards and make recommendations about which cards will best meet your needs. We explain credit card terms and conditions, answer general questions about rewards programs, interest rates, balance transfers, credit scores, fees and more. We can help you compare credit cards, choose between offers, and better understand how the world of credit works.

However, we are not a bank and we do not issue credit cards. Therefore, we cannot answer questions about your credit card issuing, specific transactions or address issues with your account. In your case, you should go to the Contact us section of the Continental Finance official website, where you will find the contact information you need. Call or write to them directly and they should be able to clear up any confusion and answer all your questions.