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Well, when it comes to credit cards that are similar to the Modell’s card, the list is almost endless.This card models itself after most other store cards. This is because the Model’s credit card is an overall fairly generic store card. The Modell’s card offers features that are very similar to those offered by almost any retailer such as discount coupons, birthday coupons and exclusive access to store savings events. Almost every store card offers these exact same benefits. The other thing the Modell’s card does is offer a rewards program. Cardholders are allowed to collect one point for every dollar they spend in Modell’s. Once a cardholder earns 400 points, they earn a $20 reward certificate. This is also a very similar rewards program that is offered by many stores. What I would recommend you do is forget about store cards and look for a more general rewards card. I suggest looking into one of the rewards credit cards because they allow you to collect more points at a wider range of places and redeem your points on a wider range of options.