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Like most people, it is common to believe that there is a single one credit card out there that is meant for you. It’s the ideal card, the one that will make you feel like you never did have a credit card until you get this one in hand. It’s the card that will always be with you and stand by you through all your tough times. If you are still living in an illusion like the one above, then wake up and smell the money! There is no best credit card around; each card has its benefits and its curses. Finding a good one is up to the customer.

Like you millions of others will be getting offers and emails about the best credit card. Some people fall for it too, really bad. It is only when the bills come back that they realize that a decision made in haste when it comes to credit cards can be the worst decision of their lives.  Consider your personal needs and spending habits before opting for a credit card. It does not hurt to know something about the offers in the market and what conditions apply.

Make sure that if you opt for some credit cards with rewards, you are paying for something worth the money. Many one-time rewards are from brands you don’t frequent and cash back offers turn out to be quite unappealing when the real conditions come up. Always have an eye on your budget as well when you spend. There is a lot of ways that you can end up with really ugly debts if you are not careful.  Choose the credit card that will not be too much of a drain on your money. Ensure that you can afford to pay the bills with interest charges, annual fees and all the rest tacked on.

Don’t make a mistake of applying for a lot of credit cards that offer those seemingly ‘best deals’. Firstly applying for too many cards harms your credit scores, secondly, there are always conditions with credit cards that the customer is not aware of because it is either in fine print or long winded legal sentences. Make sure you discuss every star marked statement applicable to your card, especially with regard to changes in interest rates. If you are not careful, you will end up paying much more than you planned to on the ‘best credit card offer’ you though you got.