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This is a common wonder amongst people who are trying to establish a credit profile. My honest answer to your question is no, I don’t believe that the Abercrombie and Fitch credit card is a good option to start with. One major reason is because the card has an extremely high APR of 24.99%. With an interest rate this high, you would need to ensure that your monthly balance is paid off in full to avoid getting stuck with interest charges. If you were to miss a few payments, you would owe a lot more than the cost of whatever you purchased. In addition, this card is issued by Comenity Bank which means all of your credit activity is not reported to the major credit bureaus, so only a small portion of your credit history will be built. What I would recommend for you to start with is a traditional credit card that is affiliated with a major payment network. In addition, the card you start with should also have a low spending limit and low APR so you can avoid getting in over your head.