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The Hot Topic Guest List credit card comes with a couple of discounts. First, you'll get 15% off of your first purchase at Hot Topic. Second, you'll get two $20 discounts off of purchases of $50 or more. You'll receive those discount coupons annually. Cardholders will also periodically receive exclusive offers. The discounts and the card are good for purchases made both at Hot Topic retail locations and online.

The Hot Topic credit card is also tied to Hot Topic's reward program. As a member of that program, you'll receive one point per dollar spent at Hot Topic. You'll get a $5 discount for every 100 points you earn. And if you earn 500 points or more, you'll get VIP Status, which gives you $2 shipping on all orders and 1.25 points per dollar spent.

Keep in mind that you do not have to have the Hot Topic credit card to participate in their rewards program. That means that you can earn double the rewards for purchases at Hot Topic if you use a general rewards credit card instead of the Hot Topic card. Simply get a card that earns rewards for all purchases and use it for Hot Topic purchases. That way you’ll get both Hot Topic points and points with your credit card reward program.