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Today people are often motivated to give to their less privileged neighbors. With most institutions be it corporate or educational making it a point to get involved with charities to promote a spirit of giving people are increasingly signing up for a good cause. Now credit cards allow you to donate to charity as well! Affinity card offers people a chance to feel better about their spending. They are linked with various charities and each time we make a purchase, they donate a certain amount to the charity.

While you may think the whole concept of donating to charity should be enough to making you feel good about all the spending, think again, they just give about fifty cents for every hundred dollars. Every little bit counts would be your next argument, but its way better to give money upfront tot these charities than signing up for such cards. However when the little drops add up, it does make a difference.

When you sign up for cards like these though there are often interest rates associated with it that may make it slightly more expensive and less reward schemes with them. There are numerous charities they give to such as child welfare, animal care, public education, environmental causes and more. If you are someone who would like to make a difference and be part of the process, it is a good idea to take one of these cards, but if you believe in making big donations to set the process in motion make your donations separately than signing up for these cards.

When you have a low credit score, be careful which card you choose for making your purchases, the last thing you need is to make your low credit into bad credit when you cannot make your monthly payments on time. In most cases if you can pay a certain amount within a set date, you can avoid interest charges to a large extent. Check for cards which give you some kind of leeway in how much you are expected to pay and grace periods in case you miss. In that way you can gather enough money to pay off your debt without getting reported a s a defaulter to the credit bureaus. Your main concern is of course your credit scores, when things go wrong there it will affect every area of your life and make your financial state very difficult.