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People often have multiple credit cards. This is not just from applying but sometimes from repeated use of a facility such as flying on an airline multiple times can get you an air miles card. Sometimes when you apply for a card through a marketing campaign, you may not read through carefully and find that you have ended up with a prepaid card. This means that to use the card you will have to deposit the amount first. Thus there is no боcreditбп available to you unless you debit the amount into the card first. If you have applied for such a card by mistake and do not use it, then you can cancel it and stop paying the monthly fee on it.

One way to cancel your prepaid credit card is to go to the agency or bank directly and fill out an application for cancelling the card. You can talk to customer service personnel there and they will help you with the process. You may be asked why you wish to cancel the card, and you can just tell them that you are not in need of a prepaid card. You can turn in the card to the bank and they will close the account for you.

Another method if you are too busy to be able to go down to the bank is to telephone the customer service cell. They will tell you how you can cancel your card and take a request on phone for the cancellation of your prepaid card. You may be given directions if this cannot be done on phone on what alternative is available to you in case they do not do cancellations on phone. Visa offers its prepaid card users a toll free number to call in case of cancellations.

A third way to cancel your prepaid card is by doing it online. The customer service agent can provide you with an online link or you can go to the website of the bank and fill in a request for the cancellation of your card. There may be a few security measures in place to ascertain your identity in online transactions besides that there will not be any complications. If you wish to close your prepaid account, make sure you do it fast as the account being inactive will result in unnecessary fees that must be paid.