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Most people are conscious about their credit scores. People who are really compulsive about keeping a good credit history monitors their credit reports regularly even if it costs them to obtain one. Having a good credit means that they are good payers and they make sure that they are in good terms with their creditors. They do not want to have a bad relationship with their lenders because they are the ones who can help them with the money that they need. They need to be able to borrow again so they make sure they pay their debts.

How can I get a high credit score?

You will get a high credit score if you have good credit history. This numerical figure shows how you are able to manage debt. This does not only depend on how diligent you pay your bills but also the type of credit that you have. If you have several cards with all high credit limits, this can affect your credit score. If you have very few credit cards and you have very low limit or high limits, this will affect your credit score as well. So, in order for you to know how this goes, you can have credit counseling for you to be informed properly.

How can I maintain my good standing?

You just need to make sure that what you are making is sufficient to pay your debt. It is important that you look into your debt-to-income ratio. If your income is not enough to pay all of your debt then you will be in trouble. If it is just right, you may find yourself safe but think twice. Increase in interest rates and monthly payment amounts can happen so it is good that your income is more than your debt so you will have something extra later on. It is all about managing your income and your debt.

What I see in my credit report is wrong. How can I fix it?

If you keep track of all your transactions with your lenders and creditors and you see in your credit report that there is an error you must file a dispute. Let us say that you were reported late on a payment but you have evidence to show that you made that payment on time, you need to contact the credit bureau who has the error and make a dispute. They will be able to contact your lender for confirmation of the report. It will also help if you contact the lender who reported you for faster transaction because it would take days to fix it if only one entity moves.