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In an increasingly competitive world, it is very hard not to be lost in the maze of companies that are offering credit cards of all types. There are so many numbers to look at such as the annual percent rate, the credit limit on the card, the grace period between billing date and payment date, the late fees, the promotional offers, discounts, the reward points etc. All these numbers can make you swirl and leave you with a well known problem. How would you choose the perfect credit card?

The first thing to understand is credit cards are out there to make profits as well, so there is always a catch in their rewards program. However, the excessive business networking and collaboration can ensure that you can save money if you shop and spend smartly. This is where you should identify the card that suits you the best. Before applying for a credit card, you must ensure that you have a very good credit score, because the cards with the best offers are always given to the most credit worth customers. If you are a shopaholic, you must apply for cards which have offers for shoppers like money back offers, discounts at your favorite stores and brands.

If you are not one of those people who spend a lot shopping in the malls on weekends, you can go for the cash back cards, where you can get part of your expenditure on necessary items like groceries, back. If you travel a lot, you can opt for cards that provide free air miles. The more creditworthy you become the better the services, including first class waiting space entry and concierge services at international airports. Some people can even redeem their air miles to get free tickets once in a year to their favorite destination. Cards which offer couple discount in hotel chains across the world are also ideal for travelers.

If you are someone with a bad credit, taking a balance transfer credit card with as long a zero interest rate term period as possible, is the best option. However, you must ensure that even the bad credit balance transfer doesn't hook you with a credit card where the interest rate shoots up after the initial term making it difficult for you to make the monthly payments on time. If you are someone cautious, the cards with fraud detection and very good security measures provide the best option.