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It is no wonder that the Crate and Barrel's rewards program appears messy to you. Everything is easy and simple when you earn rewards: one dollar spent - one point earned. However, only when your purchases do not exceed the $999 dollar threshold. If your purchase is equal or greater than $999, you will be offered a deferred financing option choosing which, you won't earn points. You will only be given 6 months of no interest. The redemption is a bit tricky because you will be given a $20 rewards certificate every time you reach a 200-point threshold. You won't be able to redeem more, and if you redeem less than $20, you will forfeit the rest. So, the Crate and Barrel credit card turns out to be useless for those who do not shop at Crate and Barrel a lot. A regular credit card will be a better option for such people though. Regular cards allow you to earn rewards on all purchases and redeem any amount you wish. Also, rewards earned with a regular card do not expire and can be redeemed for cash.