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The thing about choosing a credit card to use to start building your credit history with, is that there a several key features you need to look for and have in that card. The first thing you must ensure is that the credit card you are going to apply for will be reporting all of your credit activity to major credit bureaus. This is what will actually allow you to build upon your credit profile. The Mandee credit card is issued through Comenity Bank, so luckily, credit activity will be reported. The next thing you want to make sure is that the card you are applying for is not a card that will cause you to earn an unpayable balance. Considering you frequently shop at Mande, I would consider you skip the Mandee Card as you may overspend there even though you need to buy things elsewhere too. What I would recommend instead is that you find a more general card with greater spending flexibility so you can use your credit for all your purchases even outside the clothing retailer.