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The very popular tag line of the MasterCard claims that some things in life are priceless, for everything lese, there`s MasterCard. The company`s media advertisement proclaims one very loud and clear fact about its master operations - credit cards. The reality is obvious. Credit cards are now indispensable as are the ATMs and the several other benefits that the credit card services proclaim. It is the epitome of globalization, that one can jet set anywhere in the world and yet never leave the old and familiar far behind.

Credit card companies like visa and MasterCard help bridge geographic distances. For one, MasterCard has establishments in every conceivable nook and cranny of the globe. One has only got to name a destination and an experience that MasterCard will take of every detail. Its true, provided you have the funds to pay for those experiences at some point, later rather than sooner.

The most important point that often gets glazed over in one`s discussion of the finance sector and its many modern wonders such as credit cards is the core - Money. The credit card sector is particularly pivoted on the existence on available cash - Their motto being that if one doesn`t have the ready cash to do spontaneous, things, they will provide for those immediate pleasures. What is created alongside their ready provisions is a false reality - one where money is one a click away. What no one mentions is the fact that you will be required to pay for each of those pleasures at a later stage, in sums many times the original. Flooding the market with virtual money is now the name of the game.

MasterCard`s tag line therefore speaks volumes about this designer complex of virtual financial realities. The company itself has survived thus far on the strength of its extensive networking. It has managed to reach everyone, even at the most remote corners of the world. This organization works in collaboration with other local banks and credit card companies, bartering connectivity for a surcharge. The Master Card Company is based in Harrison, New York in the United States of America. It is presently in over twenty five thousand odd membership agreements with local banks and credit card companies that use the MasterCard brand services. The Company also trades at the New York Stock Exchange. The company has many share holding in various companies in the finance sector.