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Most people cannot differentiate the Visa Card from a credit card. The visa card has become synonymous with the concept of the credit card. However, the visa card is a credit card offered by one of the world`s largest credit card Companies. Though based in San Francisco, in the untied states of America, the credit card company has manages to establish units all over the world. What makes the Visa card important as a credit card is its connectivity.

The very concept of the credit card is to find an alternate method to cash payments. Therefore, a credit card should be accepted by all stores in lieu of money. Connectivity and networking is therefore central to its reason for being. Contrary to popular assumption, The Visa Company does not deal directly with credit cards. It does not provide the actual card for service whether it is debit or credit. The Visa Company basically provides connectivity to the local credit card companies and banks that offer credit cards. The way it does this is by providing Visa branded services to the various credit card companies.

Visa provides its brand owned finance networking to three basic types of credit services: The debit card, the credit card and the prepaid card. Each of these cards has different functions and provides different services. The credit card provides a credit balance and charges an interest on the amount spent from the credit balance. This amount is payable at regular intervals which is usually a month. The debit card differs from the credit card as the balance on this card is linked with a person`s savings account or any other similar account. The money on this card is therefore not credit and no interest can be charged on it. There may be a small percentage charge for the use of the card. The prepaid card is similar to the debit card. Here, the user will open an account and deposit an amount in it. This amount translates into the available balance on the card.

The similarity between all these variants is the service provider they function through. Visa cards can be used anywhere in the world. Over time, Visa has set up bases in over two hundred different countries around the world. A visa card can be used in any/all of these.

The visa company imposes certain rules on the banks that utilize its services. This ensures a uniform level of security and quality of service to visa customers.