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If you're not satisfied with your credit limit, you can request a credit limit increase either by phone or online. Many card issuers offer a request form you can fill out online, but some require you to call. After you request a credit limit increase, the card issuer will decide whether to approve or deny it. If the increase is approved, you'll receive a notification with your new credit limit. If not, you'll need to wait and try again later.

Another option, if you need more credit right away, is to apply for a new line of credit. You might consider high-limit credit cards, where you're more likely to be approved for a large credit line. For example, Discover credit cards high limits range between $15,000 and $25,000, according to customer reviews. Some of the highest credit limits come with Visa Infinite cards and Mastercard World Elite cards.

If you already have cards from the same issuer, it could have affected your approved credit limit. It's possible to have several credit cards with one bank, but the more cards you get, the lower your limit on each card may be. In this case, you might consider either canceling one card from this issuer to get a higher limit on your new card or relocating the credit limit by moving available credit from one card to the preferred card.

Anyway, after you've had the card for some time and practice good credit habits, your credit card issuer may offer you an automatic credit limit increase. Usually, you can request a credit line increase every six months.