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In most cases this would be an easy question to answer because usually the interest on the store card would be significantly higher than the one branded by a major payment network such as Visa or MasterCard. However, in this case the APR differs by where you shop. This is probably because both cards are offered by Nordstrom. The difference in the APR depends on where you shop. Purchases made outside of Nordstrom can be charged an average of 4% more in interest. Purchases made at Nordstrom can range from 12.40% to 24.40% while purchases outside Nordstrom are charged between 16.40% and 24.40%. So overall I would say that both cards are the same when it comes to reaping the benefits of shopping at Nordstrom. However, I would not recommend the Visa card for purchases outside Nordstrom as the APR is significantly higher when used at stores other than Nordstrom.