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A biometric credit card is a combination of EMV chip card technology and a fingerprint scanner. The fingerprint scanner will contain your fingerprint. When you use your credit card with fingerprint, you hold it with your finger on the fingerprint scanner and either tap or put the card in a card reader to activate the fingerprint scanner. The scanner calculates if the fingerprint matches the owner's fingerprint stored in the card and authorizes the payment.

Fingerprint credit cards are considered to provide better protection of your sensitive data from hackers and even more convenience (no need to use PIN). Also, the cards have no limit on contactless payment transactions and they are self-charging, meaning the biometric sensor is powered by the payment terminal.

Both Mastercard and Visa have their own fingerprint credit card trials. The first offers Mastercard Biometric Card and Visa has a pilot program of a Visa fingerprint card to test on-card biometric sensor for contactless payments.

Biometric cards are not widespread because of their cost for banks and the competition from mobile phones and wearables.