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For people who are just using credit cards because it is a convenient way of buying things, we do not usually pay attention to what it can give us. As long as we are able to pay on time and do not incur additional charges because of late payments, then we are good. But sometimes, when we do a good job in handling our credit cards, we get rewards from it.

Why do credit card companies give out rewards?

Well, when you look into statements in their websites about rewards, the reason that they provide is that they want to give back to their valued customers. Basically, what they are saying is, since you are a frequent use and you generate them money, plus you pay on time, they will give you that incentive. And because it is harder to acquire new customers to generate more revenue, they just do what they can to maintain good, credit card abusive but prompt payers in their company.

So, how many rewards are there?

There are several rewards that are available to customers. It depends on what kind of credit card the customer uses.

My wife and I both have credit cards under one company. Can we combine our points?

There are certain credit card companies that do combine points when their customers are spouses. What they do is consolidate the accounts and combine their points. Even though they have a combined account, they will still be given two separate cards, one for each spouse. So, if you are interested in this type of incentive, call your credit card company and ask if this is available. If not, then you just have to stick with what they have, or you can change credit card companies. Maybe you can find a better deal than your current credit card provider.

I earn points with frequently using my card in the grocery but I don`t know how to accumulate more. What can I do?

If you want to have more points, you have to strategize on how you can manage your credit card payments. Because if you charge too much on your credit card just to earn points and you are not able to pay for it then you will lose that benefit. So, if you are sure that you can pay for it then aside from groceries, you can pay your bills with your credit card. This includes a trip to the dentist, a visit in the spa, a manicure or whatsoever. Instead of writing a check to pay your bill, why not use a credit card so you can earn more points.