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Credit score is not the only requirement for the credit card approval, but it's very important. Excellent credit is not necessary, but Drive credit card issued by Citibank® (Citi® is a advertising partner) will not be given to those with bad credit either.

If you already had a Drive card and had problems using it (non-payments, etc.), it will be difficult to get that card again or a Citi® card in general, but with a good credit history you may have a good chance of getting approved.

If you have bad credit and try to apply for a card you are not qualified for, this may harm your credit even further. Just be sure to apply for a card designed for people with low credit scores. You might want to consider the Merrick Bank Double Your Line® Mastercard®, it is meant for individuals who have bad to fair credit and are looking for concrete steps to improve it. Usually, that means that your score should be on a scale of 300 to 669 according to the FICO score range. A great feature of this card is that your initial limit of $550 to $1,350, based on creditworthiness, can be automatically doubled after seven months of on-time payments. Also, the Merrick Bank Double Your Line® Mastercard® reports to the major credit card bureaus, which eventually can help to improve your credit history.