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APR or annual percentage rate is one of the most important features that one needs to look at when applying or accepting a credit card. This interest rate comes into play when there is an outstanding balance or debt left on the credit card after the due date. Customers need to pay the late fees and the accumulating interest too. While credit card customers with great credit history are known for their consistency in paying their credit card bills before the deadline, a lot of credit card customers have a revolving credit or debt on their card which they pay month after month. In this current scenario there are a lot of credit card offers for customers to choose from and a low interest rate is not part of the choice. Low interest credit cards are being traded off for higher credit card rewards offered by other credit cards companies.

For those customers who pay their monthly credit card bills before the due date for bill payment, it doesn`t matter if the APR on the credit card is low or high. They should rather go for higher credit card rewards. On the other hand, for those customers, who usually have higher incomes and higher expenditure pattern with outstanding balances from time to time, low APR credit cards offer more savings than the actual credit card rewards. This is because the interest that accumulates on the credit card debt, month after month is a lot less. It is prudent on the part of the customers to go for low APR credit cards if they feel that they will have an outstanding balance more often.

Another common category where customers are offered a choice is in case of balance transfer cards. Customers can either choose a 0% APR for a introductory period followed by a higher interest rate later or choose the low APR cards which have a low interest rate throughout. So, if the credit card customer is not sure about completing the payment of the outstanding balance before the end of the introductory period, low APR is a better option over a period of time. It will help to keep the interest on the outstanding balance and hence the overall debt to a minimum.