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The credit cards that offer the lowest fees are obviously the best credit cards.  It is not just the fee but lowest interest rates and some perks as well.  However, the best cards might vary from person to person. What is good for one individual may not be the same for the other. So, to make the right choice cardholders will have to take a closer look and view the benefits of the card and follow healthy spending habits.

Searching online for the best credit cards and making side-by-side comparisons can go a long way in choosing some of the best cards with the best features.  There might be a whole lot of appealing options at first glance. But one must ensure that the lender is well known and reputable. One must not easily accept perks that sound too good to be true.

The ones who pay their exact monthly balances faithfully each month will not really worry too much about the best cards or their interest rates. The interest rates for those who never carry a balance will be 5% to 25%. In such cases the best credit cards would be the ones that offer cash back or air miles as perks.  These perks that are offered, will only make sense for those who are big chargers.  This might not really make sense for someone who racks up huge balances on the credit cards and ends up paying extra by way of finance charges and late fees. All the benefits of the perks or rewards will be negated.  Under such circumstances, the card that has no annual fee as well as a low interest rate will be advantageous. However, one must ensure that they read the fine print carefully and understand all of it.  Most often, the rates that are advertised are just to attract customers and get business. These rates are bound to change over a period of time, within six months the interest rates could increase quite significantly.

One must be very honest with oneself while choosing the best credit cards. If you are the kind who is prone to late payment then check to see if there is a grace period. Always choose a card that fits your requirements and your spending habits.