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Mastercard SecureCode® is a service offered by Mastercard to allow consumers to enhance their existing Mastercard credit card or debit card. SecureCode gets you additional protection against unauthorized use of your Mastercard card when you shop online.

To get a SecureCode, you should sign up for the service. The registration in the program is easy, you simply find your bank in the list of participating financial institutions, which is provided on the Mastercard website, and provide your Mastercard debit card or credit card number. You can register any of your Mastercard cards or all of your Mastercard accounts, provided your bank or issuer participates in the program. When you register your Mastercard card, you create a private code or a 3D secure Mastercard SecureCode (similar to a PIN).

Once you’ve signed up and created your own 3D Secure PIN, you will be prompted to provide your securecode at checkout each time you make a purchase with your registered card at a participating online merchant. Your bank confirms your securecode and your purchase is completed. Your securecode is never shared with the merchant. To see if the online merchant supports Mastercard SecureCode, look for a SecureCode logo on the site. If a merchant does not participate in MasterCard SecureCode program, you won’t be asked to provide your securecode.