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A person should consider shifting to a card with low APR as it offers fewer risks. Having a credit card for the first time, could be pretty exciting, but should be cautioned. It is better to go slow on the usage of the card right from the beginning, as one has to understand both its advantage and disadvantages. Opting for a card with a low APR and a no annual fee is a smart thing to do.

There are two components while choosing the credit card. Firstly, the individual has to meet the eligibility criteria, and secondly, research the cards that are available including those with low APR and no annual fees. Review and make comparisons on the Internet, and ensure that all options are well understood.

It would also be disastrous to apply for too many cards and then be denied. All this gets reflected on one's credit report. This would bring down the credit worthiness of an individual drastically. Always ensure that the applications are sent to a select few card companies who will not deny the card. These options could be discussed well in advance.

Every individual will have at least one type of account with the bank. If not, it is never too late to open one. When one has a regular account there are many options that are available. The same could be discussed with the manager plus requesting information about the different type of cards in details.

The manager would be in a better position to give the right kind of advice based on the relationship and the history, which you have built. This offers better insights and in such cases it would be easier to get a credit card with low APR.

However, in case there has been a mistake choosing a card with high APR, it would be wise to switch to a card with low APR that fits your budget.

One has to enquire about APR, annual fee as well as the introductory period. After taking all of these considerations regarding spending, payment patterns, and affordability; a decisions may then be made.