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Choosing a credit card is not simple - and at the same time it's extremely important for those who travel a lot. Today most of the credit card offers are available for online application, which makes it much easier to apply for a credit card. You can do it anywhen you wish as online services work around the clock. You just need a computer or a smartphone connected to the Internet and, your personal information and you can easily apply online. Once you’ve found an airline credit card at CreditLand, click on the “apply” button, which you will find near the credit card, to get to the bank’s secure application page. You can review credit card benefits, rates and fees, as well as read the card’s Terms and Conditions on the bank’s secure application page. If you agree, start filling out the application form (or click on the “apply” button again if it is required). Fill out all required fields and it's over.

Bedore applying make sure that you airline credit card fits your needs. The bottom line here is mile earning. There are two options to consider when choosing a credit card for earning miles – general credit cards with miles rewards or airline co-branded credit cards.You can compare both types on travel credit cards page. On the one hand, earning strategy with both types of cards looks similar as these cards usually come with sign-up bonuses and rewards miles for different types of purchases. On the other hand, airlines’ cards redemption options can be more restrictive – you can redeem miles only for specific airline and its partners (if it has any). General travel card miles give you more flexibility – they can be redeemed with any airlines, hotel, cruise or another travel provider.

If you still have doubts, use our credit card navigator, that will find a perfect airline credit card for you. It is free and whatever your travel habits are, you can choose a card that suits them best right now.