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The thing about being accepted for the credit card you desire is that there are several factors that come into play when deciding whether or not you should be accepted, not just your credit history; however even though credit history is an important factor. The thing about your credit history is that the NTB does not require you do have a perfect credit history in order to be eligible for their card. The thing is, you can’t have horrible credit either. So long as your credit is at least fair, I would consider you at least try applying. When it comes to how you can apply for the card, you can do it in either one of two ways. One way is by simply visiting NTB’s website and clicking on the button that allows you to visit the page where you can fill out an NTB application.The other way you can apply is by visiting your local NTB store and asking an employee for assistance. Or you can use an alternate here which should offer the same benefits and often more. They also mostly have generous rewards programs adding more benefits.